Tutorials for EcoUplink
Below are a set of tutorials and guides in pdf form. They cover various topics to help users get the most out of the system.

In a nutshell, the following are the steps for generating reports after a chargelog has been retrieved from a BMM-BT monitor and stored on a device with access to the internet:

1. For a fresh report, go to the "choose file" or "browse" button, select the appropriate chargelog from the file system within the device and upload it.

2. "Upload Info" shows aspects of the upload and battery characteristics. Configure new batteries here before creating a report for the first time.

3. "Create Report" produces a set of diagnostic reports about the battery.

4. The Archive contains a library of reports for study and review. This library contains all batteries run through the system and is organized by group IDs assigned to the batteries during configuration.

Reference Guides:
1. Configuring a Tablet        
2. Using an Eco100 Dedicated Tablet        
3. Naming chargelogs
4. Passwords for the Archive
5. Detailed Tutorial: EcoUplink Report System
6. Email for Tablets
7. Replacing a bad browser